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Registration Fees
Name of Athlete or Club Coach:
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Registration will be open to ALL uncommitted REGION 3 gymnasts graduating from high school in 2018 to 2023 (entering 8th Grade Fall of 2018). Gymnasts must be a Qualified Hopes, Elite, Level 10 (qualified to Regionals in 2017 or 2018), or a Level 9 (qualified to Westerns in 2017 or 2018). Sessions will be capped at 60 athletes. Petitions for injury will be considered on space availability.

$175 per athlete, which includes a FREE custom leotard and inclusion in the College Coach Flash Drive. No refunds for any reason.

Athlete Registration
Registration for the 2018 Showcase has changed! Registration will be by the individual athlete rather than by the club. Athletes should register with the club coach's permission and a club coach should be present with the athlete. We hope this change will make it smoother for clubs and athletes. 

Space is limited and our other Showcases do sell out.  The form can be partially completed, saved and finished at a later point. Athletes will not be entered into the showcase until payment is received. 

Club Coach Registration

Club Coaches attending the Showcase MUST complete the Club Coach Registration Form. There is not a registration fee for coaches who have a participating athlete in the 2018 Showcase. Coaches, without a participating athlete, need to pay the $25 registration fee. The "Meet and Greet" catered lunch with the visiting College Coaches is open to all registered club coaches. 

Athlete Questionnaire
Athletes will use the Athlete Questionnaire Form to submit gymnast info, photos and links to YouTube videos or websites to be provided to participating colleges. Questionnaires MUST be submitted no later than July 1, 2018, to be included on the College Coach flash drive. The form can be partially completed, saved and finished at a later point.

Petitions will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis (based on availability).

Two options for payment: 

  1. PayPal ($4 service fee per athlete)
  2. Mail payment (no service fee)

*Please note that athletes are not registered until payment is received. 

Make Check Payable to:

Mail Check to:
S&S Gym Camps
1100 NE Loop 410
Suite 636
San Antonio, TX 78209

Questions? Contact us at ssgymcamps@gmail.com

Region 3 College Bound Showcase

JULY 21, 2018


  • Great opportunity to be recruited by over 30 College Coaches 
  • Organized into 4 sessions on Saturday to have smaller training groups
  • FREE custom College Bound Leotard
  • Amazing WOGA-Frisco  facility which will allow for great training format and viewing by College Coaches
  • Each college coach will receive a single Flash Drive with ALL registered athletes' bios and YouTube links
  • No registration fees for Club Coaches with a participating athlete
  • Meet and greet for lunch on Saturday for all Club and College Coaches

Which Schools are Attending in 2018?